Thursday, 26 January 2017

Affordable Transmission Services Berwick


Transmission failure can be caused by many things but it leads to failure of the other components in the vehicles so if any transmission failure occurs immediately bring it to KB Transmissions, it is the perfect car mechanic shop that provides the quality and excellent services for transmissions in Berwick. They have more than 20 years of experience in providing the best transmission repairs and services to their customers. They work hard to provide the most honest, polite and reliable service for your car at affordable prices. They follow a step by step procedure in providing the transmission service for your car, these include:

  • When you bring your vehicle to their workshop, they will test drive your car and take the feedback and note down the repairs of your transmission system.
  • Later on they will check the transmission fluid levels and make sure that they are up to mark, if not they make sure to fill them up.
  • They will also check the transmission bands as they are the main sources for the gears to be changed smoothly. They will inspect it carefully for any worn outs or leakages and if they find the repairs they will perform the repairs perfectly.
  • After the completion of the repairs and service, they make sure to go for a test drive and again observe the performance of the car, if it is good they will deliver the car and if they observe any other fault, they will try to repair it in the workshop.


The workshop is fully equipped with the latest and sophisticated tools and technology to make sure that all the transmission services, they strive to meet the highest standards and expectation of the wide range of customers in Berwick. They are also famous in Berwick for the highest standard of services they provide at affordable prices.

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